I believe in indulgences that feed the soul. Coffee, red wine, really good cheese. Did I mention bread? Reading a book that swallows me whole and makes me lose track of time, the smell of clean sheets, feeling my kids crawl into bed beside me before the sun comes up.

Life is sweet. Enjoy it.

Mom, wife, super-nerd (my personal motto is “Safety First!”), former pastry chef and a life-long runner. I also can’t live without corny, dark, abrasive or British comedy. I love it all. And if you’ve ever watched the show Fawlty Towers, we’ll get along just fine.

I’m a photographer located on Long Island, NY. I absolutely love shooting families and newborns, as well as couples for engagement sessions. Maternity, too! If you have an idea for something other than family reportage please let me know. I’m up for anything.